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Makeda Queen of Sheba

Makeda Queen of Sheba

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Many myths abound about this Queen, reportedly a consort of King Solomon. Many tales emerge from various regions and cultures which places her in our consciousness as an archetype goddess. However, there are no temples dedicated to her memory. Ethiopian legends record that the name of Solomons's famous visitor was Makeda, and she is referred to in the bible as Queen of the South. 

Makeda is the fourth woman of the bible I have painted, including Abihag, the Shulamite, and Zipporah wife of Moses. 

She is portrayed here with her infant son Menelik conceived with biblical King Solomon of Isreal.  He became the first emperor of Ethiopia and is said to have inaugurated the Solomonic dynasty of Ethiopia.

Acrylic on Canvas 30 x 40

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