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In My Lifetime, Kamala November 7, 2020

In My Lifetime, Kamala November 7, 2020

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On November 7, 2020, it was announced that the Vice President of the United States would be Kamala Harris a woman of African and Asian descent. Something I never expected to witness IN MY LIFETIME!  

 I did not expect to be overwhelmed, however seeing her face, the light in her eyes, flashbacks to my younger career days flooded my mind. She in her pantsuits, confidently walking to the podium brought memories of those days when women were not allowed to wear pants to work, and when finally allowed only with a jacket of a certain length.

 I flashed back to the countless jobs in which I experienced both sexual and racial harassment as a woman and a person of color, with no recourse, no defense. I often found myself not only the youngest woman sitting at the boardroom table having to defend myself but also the only woman and person of color having to prove my intelligence and carry my own weight. If it were not for those who went before me, the women and the men who challenged the norm to literally shove this often-shy woman to the table and commanded me to use my voice, I would not be the woman I am today. I am often behind the scenes in organizations or mentoring, pushing others, paying forward, what others have done for me.

It made me tough, but it left scars as well.  So to witness this in my lifetime, well...I could only express it through my art, and I hurriedly sketched her at the moment, of the announcement, for posterity, for all those who shared my experience and the young women and persons of all race, creeds, and color to follow, in remembrance of this day.

I posted it in my excitement but didn’t expect to receive so much enthusiasm for which I am so grateful, it was truly a spontaneous moment, as I don’t usually do portraits these days, and was elated so many of you expressed interest in buying it. Although the original is not for sale, I am issuing 200 8 x 11 signed reproductions entitled: In My Lifetime, on premium quality, hot press archival watercolor paper, the same as the original.  I am also offering open edition (un-numbered) on a faux linen paper.

We have all experienced this historic moment together, thank you for allowing me to share it with you through my artwork.


Diane Britton Dunham

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