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is a brand new Diane Dunham. Welcome to Diane's Journal. Everything from this Gullah artist will be brought to you directly amongst the art. For all the love shown on the Facebook:


Everything is GREATLY appreciated! Thank you. This Shopify is being built still, yet here you go for one special painting:

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  • Sharada Greene on

    Dear Ms. Dunham,

    I was glad to purchase two of your prints after touring the Penn Center. I was drawn to your work by an article I read about your exhibit. Is it possible for you to send me the explanations/motivations for both “Mommy and Me” and the other work said title unknown (man strumming guitar under a tree with expectant couple admiring).

    I also loved several of the Water’s Edge pieces….Gullah Creole Girl with the blue dress, lady in white in the water, and the painting with the amber/orange background. Sorry, I didn’t write the titles down. Will you be offering any of those pieces as limited editions? I look forward to owning one of your originals soon. Your works are beautiful and moving. Thank you for your time.

    Sharada Greene

    PS: My aunt purchased one of your limited edition glicees and I left a voicemail on her behalf to obtain a certificate of authenticity.

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